School Surprise
School Surprise
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Meet Carolyn,
Gymboree Creative Director
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Meet Jean,
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Meet Carla,
1st grade student

Fun in Full Color

These coloring sheets were inspired by student artwork from Global Family School in Oakland, California.

Creativity-Boosting Activities

Scribble art

Scribble with bold colors across a sheet of paper. Now step back and turn the scribbles into what you see taking form. Is it a duck, a boat or a cloud? Using a marker, outline the image together.

Color dance

Place colored paper squares on the floor and turn on some good music. Shout the name of colors together as you dance and jump onto the squares.

Let's imagine

Provide your child with simple props such as scarves, hats, puppets and instruments to use in an imaginative play scenario. Start the play story with "Let's imagine we are..." as you act out the who, what, when and where together.

Mini Masterpieces

Colorful, mixable, head-to-toe looks that let kids be their own canvas.