Let’s make spring picture perfect. Get your family ready for their close-up with our three steps to frame-worthy photos.

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Follow these
Pro Photo Tips

Nigel Barker and family We teamed up with photographer, TV personality, author and father Nigel Barker to bring you his best advice for frame-worthy snaps.
  1. Bring your camera down to your kids level, height-wise, to avoid making children look even smaller.
  2. When a great family moment happens, like a grandparent reading to a child, don’t ask them to stop and smile for a photo. Instead, zoom in from a distance and let the magic continue.
  3. Get a natural group shot by having the family just hang out. Start shooting candid shots immediately. Have a few gags up your sleeve, like getting everyone to jump in the air at once.
  4. Find a place with even lighting. Don’t shoot in direct sunlight. The best spots are outside where the sun is behind you yet not backlighting you.
  5. Converting to black and white makes an ordinary shot timeless. Have people wear strong dark colors and whites, which translate best in black and white.

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