Earn GymBucks

October 1, 2018 - December 4, 2018

Redeem GymBucks

December 5, 2018 - December 16, 2018

how GymBucks work

shop in stores or online

During earning periods, get $25 in GymBucks for every $50 spent.

save your receipt

Be sure to save your receipt or packing slip -- they contain your GymBucks code & PIN.

save to your phone

You can save GymBucks to your phone by texting BUCKS to 65635 and following the prompts. Msg&data rates may apply. To see our complete GymBucks mobile terms & conditions, please click here.

cash them in

During redemption periods, cash in GymBucks to save $25 on every $50 you spend. Show your GymBucks receipt in stores or enter your GymBucks code and PIN at checkout online.

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how to find your code

Store Receipt
store receipt code
Packing Slip
packing slip code
My Account
Gymboree.com my account
Mobile Wallet
look in your mobile wallet

Still can't find your code?
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GymBucks FAQs

What are GymBucks?
GymBucks are coupons that save you up to 50% off of your purchase. GymBucks are available and can be redeemed approximately 3–5 times per year.
How do I earn GymBucks?
Earning GymBucks is as easy as shopping. You’ll earn GymBucks every time you make a qualifying purchase during the earning period. To review our complete GymBucks earning and redemption policy, please click here.
I earned multiple GymBucks. Why did I only receive one coupon?
To keep things simple, all the GymBucks you earn per transaction are electronically saved on one GymBucks coupon (in stores) or printed on your packing slip (online). This way, you just need one coupon or packing slip to keep track of all the GymBucks you earned in one purchase.
How much are my GymBucks worth?
The value of your GymBucks depends on how much you spent in the qualifying transaction. The GymBucks you’ve earned with every in-store purchase are listed on your receipt. GymBucks earned at gymboree.com are listed on your packing slip. All GymBucks earned at Gymboree Play & Music locations are worth $25.
Can I use my merchandise credit to earn or redeem GymBucks?
Unfortunately, Merchandise Credits are not valid for GymBucks at this time.
Am I able to earn GymBucks when purchasing a gift card?
No, you can only earn GymBucks when purchasing merchandise, not Gift Cards. However, the Gift Card recipient can use their card to earn and redeem GymBucks.
How do I redeem my GymBucks at a Gymboree store or on Gymboree.com?
You can redeem $25 worth of GymBucks for every $50 you spend—savings of up to 50% off! To redeem in a store or outlet, just bring your receipt with the attached GymBucks coupon, or gymboree.com packing slip. To redeem online, just enter the GymBucks number and PIN found on your online packing slip or on your GymBucks coupon. To review our complete GymBucks earning and redemption policy, please click here.
Can I redeem my GymBucks at a Gymboree outlet?
Yes! You can redeem your GymBucks at any Gymboree Outlet.
Can I return merchandise purchased with GymBucks?
Yes! We gladly accept returns for purchases made with GymBucks. However, please note that you will be credited for the discounted price on any returned or exchanged items. To review our complete return policy, please click here.
Is it possible to use my GymBucks during a later redemption period?
No, GymBucks are only valid during the dates printed on the coupon or packing slip. Unfortunately, expired GymBucks cannot be redeemed or replaced.
Can my GymBucks be combined with a free shipping & handling promotion?
Yes! As long as the pretax-subtotal with your GymBucks discounts meets the minimum subtotal, you will receive the promotion.
What happens if an item goes out of stock before my order is shipped?
We apply the GymBucks discount as a percentage off of each individual item in your purchase. So, in the rare event that an item is not available, the discounts on the rest of your items will remain the same.
How do I save GymBucks to my phone?
It’s easy! Just text BUCKS to 65635, then follow the prompts. Msg&data rates may apply. To see our complete GymBucks mobile terms & conditions, please click here.