School Fundraising

Raise funds for your school just by shopping for your favorite children’s clothing at Gymboree. It’s easy and free to create your own Gymboree Storefront website. Use this site as a fundraising platform for your school and Gymboree will donate 10% of every sale from your Storefront to your school.

Gymboree Storefronts

A Storefront is a fundraising website that just takes a few minutes to set up. You can easily personalize your Storefront by adding a logo and details about your school. You will also receive a personalized URL that you can share with members of your organization. Gymboree will then donate 10% of each order placed through your Storefront back to your school. Storefronts work seamlessly with our ShareASale Affiliate Program, which is an Affiliate Marketing Network that brings together Affiliates and Merchants. ShareASale handles and provides order tracking, reporting and payments.

How to Set Up Your Storefront

Step 1: Click here to get started
Step 2: Enter your email address, country, and state
Step 3: Pick a domain name. This will be a dedicated URL that you can share with members of your organization
Step 4: Give your page a title, list your school name, and customize the look and feel of the page
Step 5: Agree to the Program and ShareASale Affiliate Service Agreement
Step 6: Gymboree will review your Storefront and approve your site
Step 7: Share your domain with your school and start receiving 10% donations for all purchases


If you have questions about the Gymboree Storefront program, please contact